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5 Things To Watch Out When Taking Up A Personal Loan

By Duckju Kang |

If you find yourself short on cash and need a sum of money to tide you over a short period of time, a personal loan can come in useful. In Singapore, there are a number of ways to get a personal loan, ranging from banks, legal moneylenders or even using your credit card as a temporary credit line. While most borrowers may only focus on the cost of a loan, there are a number of other equally important points to consider before taking up a personal loan. Go through the list below carefully before applying for one!Read More >

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Get A Payday Loan

By Duckju Kang |

A payday loan might look like the best solution you have, especially when what you need is simply a few hundred or thousand dollars. What's more, you assure yourself that the money will be quickly repaid, once your salary is credited to your account. Except that often, it doesn't end up that way because of the characteristics of payday loan. Here are 4 reasons why you should never get a payday loan. You can also find out about the other better alternatives you can find.Read More >

Average Cost of Pawnshop Loans: Is It A Good Alternative to Loans?

By Duckju Kang |

Pawnshops are very popular in Singapore, and for some good reasons. Although they require a valuable item of your own for you to borrow money from them, as long as you pay your money back, it can be a cheaper way of financing your emergency than some other venues in Singapore.Read More >