Best Home Insurance 2018

Home is probably one of Singaporeans’ most cherished financial assets. Not only do homes cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the items inside can also cost just as much to replace in the event of a disaster or theft. For consumers looking to insure their homes and home contents, we’ve compiled a list of the best home insurance policies by housing types and ownership status.

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Best Home Insurance for HDB Flat Owners

HDB Homeowners are concerned with protecting their belongings as well as the interior renovations to the building. In our opinion, the following products represent some the best deals out there for an average owner-resident in a Singaporean HDB property.

this graph compares the costs of home insurance in Singapore for 4-room HDB flats from major insurance companies

Cheapest Home Insurance for HDB Flats

NTUC Income provides one of the best home insurance policies for an average, price-sensitive flat owner in Singapore. NTUC Income’s Enhanced Home Insurance is one of the cheapest products in the market that only costs S$51.36 per year for a 4-room HDB flat. It also delivers great value of S$1,500 of sum insured per dollar premium paid, 33% higher than market average. Finally, NTUC Income allows customers to grow or shrink their coverage amount under its flexible coverage scheme. For owner-residents of HDB flats, it's likely the cheapest home insurance available.

HDB 3-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 4-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 5-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)1,4871,0471,5091,1751,5581,208

Best Value Home Insurance for HDB Flats

In our view, Etiqa, Aviva and AXA offer the best and the cheapest home insurance policies for HDB owner-residents.

Etiqa's eProtect Home Insurance is noteworthy not only because of its high coverage to price ratio, but also because of its value-add features. First, Etiqa's eProtect Home Insurance offers 5-year long plans that are priced near the bottom of the market. For instance, its 4-room HDB flat plan's price almost matches that of NTUC Income's comparable plan (though its 5-room plan is tad more expensive). eProtect Home's highlight is its new 24-hr Emergency Home Assistance service: with this, Etiqa covers up to S$800 annually (S$200 per event), the highest level we've seen in Singapore, that you spend on things like emergency plumbing, electricity, locksmith and pest control issues. Not only that, Etiqa's policies come with very high levels of additional protection like S$2,500 for maid's belongings and S$1,000 credit card protection. But, it's important to note that Etiqa's policies aren't quite suitable for 3-room HDB flats due to their high coverage level.

HDB 3-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 4-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 5-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
PriceN/A97.151.44 for 5 years (60.5 for 1 year)137.4382.54 for 5 years (97.11 for 1 year)223.43
Value ($Insured/$Premium)N/A1,0471,5551,1751,4541,208

Aviva's home insurance products easily represent one of the best value options for HDB owner-residents. This is due to its combination of low price and high coverage for both renovation and content. However, Aviva does have one flaw: unlike other value options listed here, Aviva's home insurance policies don't automatically cover things like lock replacement and freezer food. To insure such items, you have to pay an additional fee of at least S$15 per item. If you care less about these incidentals and more about covering expensive furnitures and renovation works, Aviva could be a great choice. Otherwise, either Etiqa, AXA or NTUC Income could provide more holistic coverage without breaking your bank.

HDB 3-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 4-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 5-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)N/A1,0472,0771,1751,6991,208

AXA's SmartHome is ideal for people who want both value and peace of mind. Although it provides slightly lower coverage per dollar of cost than other best options we feature here (but still 27% higher than market average), AXA SmartHome plan bundles the coverage of renovation items and home content together, providing additional flexibility in how you can utilise your claims. Not only that, it offers the highest sub-limit on valuable items like jewellery (33% of sum insured vs. market average of 9%), freezer food and lock replacements. It also provides some rarely-found features like professional consulting fee in case your property gets damaged.

HDB 3-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 4-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)HDB 5-Room (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)1,0991,0471,4381,1751,6021,208

Best Home Insurance for Private Homeowners

A typical private property requires higher overall limit on the home insurance policy when compared with similar HDB flats. We've hand-picked four policies in this high-end space in order to meet the demand of private property owners and wealthy homeowners. Please read our detailed review of each to determine which is the best fit for you.


Cheapest Home Insurance for Private Property Owners

Aviva offers some of the cheapest solutions for homeowners (Maybank customers only) with coverage needs between S$100,000-200,000. Providing about S$1,900 of sum insured per dollar of cost (70% higher than market average), Aviva Home Lite and Aviva Home are great bare-bone policies which represent high value for money. Although Aviva is suitable for those homeowners who need high coverage, it has one distinct shortcoming: reduced benefits. These include locks & key replacement, pet coverage, and death/injury, each representing a popular feature that you cannot find in Aviva. For some people who deem these perks necessary, this policy may not be as great a fit. Furthermore, Aviva Home Plus comes with a below-market sum insured to cost ratio, so we advise you to take caution when looking at this highest-tier policy.

AvivaHome Lite (S$)Tier 1 Avg (S$)Home (S$)Tier 2 Avg (S$)Home Plus (S$)Tier 3 Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)2,0779431,6991,0321,2461,067

Best Value Home Insurance for Private Property Owners

AXA's SmartHome offers one of the best-quality home content coverage for private homeowners, ideal for people who may have a lot of valuables in their homes. Under its S$135,000 Plan, AXA boasts a high value ratio of over S$1,600 (vs. market average of S$943) and gives private homeowners great peace of mind with generous content sub-limits on valuables (up to S$13,500), laptop (up to S$2,000), and cash (up to S$1,000). Some companies can actually charge you separately for coverage on certain items included in AXA’s plan--such as bikes, food in freezer, legal documents--highlighting the extent of coverage you get from this deal.

Tier 1 Private PropertiesS$45,000 PlanS$90,000 PlanS$135,000 PlanMkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)1,0991,4381,602943

Best Coverage Home Insurance for Private Property Owners

NTUC Income offers private property-only home insurance plans that yield value ratios similar to those of MSIG (S$1,070-1,270 sum insured per cost for NTUC Income vs. S$1,050-1,160 for MSIG). In terms of benefits NTUC Income offers higher sub-limits on items such as cash and temporarily moved contents. On the other hand, MSIG provides more generous limits on third-party legal liability, glass & mirror breakage, valuables. We think both NTUC Income and MSIG are great deals for high-benefit policies with sufficient overall coverage limit.

OCBC's GreatHome insurance offers the best coverage for private property owners who want to maximize valuables and artwork coverage. Compared to NTUC and MSIG, OCBC offers generous contents coverage for your household items with above average sub-limits of S$11,250 to S$37,500 for valuables and alternative accommodation. There are also S$500 sub-limits for pet loss and key/lock loss and S$1,000 for monetary loss. Based on our quote analysis, the pricing for Tier 2 and Tier 3 plans is attractive, with the Essential (S$138) and Ultimate (S$208) plans costing 20-30% below average.

In our opinion, MSIG's Enhanced HomePlus and NTUC Income's private property plans are some of the best full-fledged policies in the home insurance market. Offering combined coverage of S$125,000-270,000, MSIG charges a reasonable premium of S$119-223 given the ambitious benefits they offer. These include locks, keys & security system (S$1,000-1,500 vs. market average of S$550), death/injury (S$75,000 vs. market average of S$32,000), and hospitalization allowance (S$4,500-6,750 vs. market average of S$1,560). Despite its average value ratio (S$1,100 per sum insured vs. market average of S$1,120) MSIG's robust benefits and rare perks make it a great choice for homeowners who want to make sure their insurance companies have them covered at all times.

Tier 2⋆ Private PropertiesMSIG (S$)NTUC Income (S$)OCBC (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)1,1051,1541,3481,032
⋆ For Tier 1 Properties, we think AXA SmartHome offers better value.
Tier 3 Private PropertiesMSIG (S$)NTUC Income (S$)OCBC (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Insured)1,1621,1791,2551,067

Best Home Insurance for Landed Property Owners

Not only do landed property owners require premium coverage on renovation and contents, they also need to insure the property's building structure. We think there can be a couple of optimal options out there depending on the cost of reinstating your landed property. Please read our detailed review of each to determine which is the best fit for you.

Best Home Insurance for Landed Properties

AXA's SmartHome is the best-value option for most landed homeowners. Thanks to its rock-bottom price, the minimum S$1,000,000 coverage restriction results in a cost that still makes AXA SmartHome stand out among its peers in the high-end space for landed property owners. While combining low rates and excellent benefits, AXA outshines its competitors by featuring some rare perks like artwork coverage (up to S$10,000). We think you will enjoy great peace of mind by opting for AXA's ample coverage.

AXA SmartHome (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)4,1541,442
Cost to Add S$10,000 Buildg./Renov.1.99 - 2.125.37
Cost to Add S$10,000 Content5.89 - 8.0325.84

Best Home Insurance for Small Landed Properties (Under S$300,000)

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For small landed buildings that cost under S$300,000, we think NTUC Income's Comprehensive Plan 1 and MSIG's Enhanced HomePlus Standard represent great choices that can save you about 20-25% of premium compared to their competitor, AXA. In the market for smaller building coverage, both NTUC Income and MSIG offer affordable rates (about S$4 per S$10,000 sum insured vs. market average of S$5.37). Between the two options, you should base your decision on which company offers better benefits for things like jewellery, locks, keys & security systems that are more important to you.

NTUC Income Plan 1 (S$)MSIG HomePlus Standard* (S$)Mkt Avg (S$)
Value ($Insured/$Premium)1,8941,6611,486
Cost to Add S$10,000 Buildg./Renov.
Cost to Add S$10,000 Content19.0016.0525.84
* MSIG HomePlus Standard with building top-up option

Best Home Insurance for Landlords

We recommend NTUC Income for homeowners of HDB flats as well as private properties. For HDB flats, NTUC Income offers the most affordable plans for landlords, charging about 48% less than what others do on average. We also recommend this plan for landlords of private homes, although the price goes up by about 60%. In either case, NTUC Income’s price remains competitive when compared against its peers. Not only that, it provides ample coverage on costs of rebuilding home and lost rental income, safeguarding the assets of HDB and private property landlords.

NTUC Income (S$)Market Average (S$)
Price per S$10,000 Renovation (HDB)2.455.17
Price per S$10,000 Renovation (Private)4.005.37
Minimum Premium35.30NA
Minimum Coverage144,000NA

Best Home Insurance for Renters

AXA's SmartHome is a great insurance plan suitable for renters with coverage needs between S$25,000 and S$75,000. Offered in three tiers up to S$75,000 of coverage, AXA’s SmartHome plan delivers superb value per dollar premium, especially when juxtaposed with its competitors who offer 10-50% less coverage for the same price. Not only that, this plan offers an ample third-party liability protection of S$500,000, so you will have a peace of mind if you become legally liable for the damage to the building, fixtures, and items that belong to your landlord.

AXA SmartHome (S$)Market Average (S$)
Price per S$10,000 Content (HDB/Private)7.38 - 12.5224.25
Premium Range31.30 - 55.37NA
Coverage Range25,000 - 75,000NA


We analysed 18 different home insurers in Singapore to find out which ones will deliver the best value to consumers. To get to our decision, we looked not only at price but the value a consumer will receive from purchasing their plan. In order to derive value, we utilised a weighted ratio of renovation and contents coverage and divided it by the premium. This helped us understand which plan offered the most coverage per dollar of premium. We also looked at notable benefits that made insurers stand out from their competition, whether it was high medical coverage or generous valuables benefits. Comparing these benefits enabled us to understand which insurer particular consumers would be most happy with.

Sample of Insurers
NTUCHL AssuranceEQSompo
Liberty InsuranceTokioMarineChubbAIG
DBSGreat Eastern

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