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As foreign domestic workers are steadily increasing in popularity in Singapore, a growing number of people have been purchasing maid insurance as it is required by the government. For families who are looking for some extra help with their children or elderly relatives, we've compiled the best maid insurance policies available on the market today.

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Our Pick For the Best Cheap Maid Insurance in Singapore 2018

Since hiring a domestic worker is already quite expensive, it is important to find a policy that not only provides good coverage, but also fits within your budget. Below, we have handpicked the cheapest, best value, and most comprehensive policies to make choosing a maid insurance policy a little easier for you. All of the policies discussed below meet the Ministry of Manpower's requirements for having at least S$60,000 personal accident and $15,000 hospitalization coverage.

Cheapest Maid Insurance Graph

Cheapest Maid Insurance: Etiqa eProtectMaid Plan A

The cheapest maid insurance for those on a restricted budget is Etiqa's eProtectMaid Plan A, which costs S$197.74 and S$139.10 for 26 and 14 month plans, respectively. Even though these prices are 41% below the market average, this policy still offers a decent amount of coverage beyond the basic medical requirements. This includes payment coverage for alternative domestic help when your maid is in the hospital (up to S$10/day), S$5,000 of liability coverage in the event your maid accidentally harms something or someone, and up to $250 in termination and re-hiring expenses should your maid not be able to fulfill her contract. It is worth mentioning that you can purchase Etiqa's Plan A at an even cheaper price if you don't want to add the waiver of indemnity option (if you have a Malaysian maid, for instance), making it cost S$159.97. Consider purchasing your insurance on Fridays as you will be able to save an additional 5% off your policy.

Etiqa eProtect Plan AMarket Average Tier 1Etiqa eProtect Plan BMarket Average Tier 2Etiqa eProtect Plan CMarket Average Tier 3
26 Month Premium (S$)194.74289.30208.65325.10229.52361.27
26 Month Premium (No Indemnity Waiver) (S$)159.97289.30173.88325.10194.74361.27
14 Month Premium (S$)139.10208.75146.055236.10163.44267.04
14 Month Premium (No Indemnity Waiver) (S$)114.76208.75121.71236.10139.19267.04
3rd Party Liability5,0008,187.507,50013,75010,00019,800
Promotion: 35% discount + additional 5% on Fridays

Best Value Maid Insurance: FWD Essential

We believe FWD's Essential Maid Insurance plan will give customers the best value for their money while providing well-balanced coverage. First, this plan only costs S$185.30 for a 26 month coverage, which is 22% below the average market rate for basic level policies. However, it provides more medical and more non-medical coverage than its competing products. These additional benefits include coverage for your maid's belongings (up to S$300), coverage against potential lawsuits due to your maid's accidental negligence, and coverage in the event your maid harms you or your family (up to S$3,000).

There are also a few other options that FWD offers that make their policies unique. For example, FWD is the only insurer that provides coverage for illness-related expenses (other insurance plans only cover hospitalization and accidents). FWD is also great for saving money on fees as they reimburse you for agency fees, offer a full refund should you want to cancel your policy within the first 3 months, and include the counter indemnity option for free (other insurers charge an additional $53.50 premium). Overall, this plan is a great option for people getting a maid for the first time and want a good balance of medical and non-medical coverage on a budget due to the price, benefits, and the additional options and perks not seen in most other plans.

FWD EssentialMarket Avg Tier 1Market Avg Tier 2Market Avg Tier 3Overall Avg
Premium (S$)185.30289.30325.21361.27326.83
Value ($Insured/Premium)1.73.981.041.021.00
Personal Accident2,0001,236.112,176.472,807.691,975
Outpatient Expense300N/A2,142.863,5002,446.15
3rd Party Liability3,0008,642.8614,23020,888.8914,783.33
Maid's Personal300283.33412.50720.00435.71
Promotion Code: BESTMAID20 for 20% discount

Best Value Maid Insurance for Renewal: Etiqa Plan B

If you already have a trusted, healthy maid but are on a restricted budget, Etiqa's eProtect Maid plan B is a great value plan that will provide you and her with great protection. As a mid-tier plan among 3 levels of coverage offered by the insurer, Etiqa's Plan B stands out with a price of S$208.65 (for 26 months) that is 35.8% lower than its peer average, and even 27.9% lower than the market average of the most basic plans. While its coverage amount isn't the highest, it covers all of the essential benefits as it includes S$7,500 of domestic helper's liability coverage in the event that the maid causes harm or injury, S$15 per day of hospital recuperation for your maid, S$450 of coverage for hiring temporary help while your maid is ill, and worldwide medical protection.

eProtect Maid BMarket Avg Tier 1Market Avg Tier 2Market Avg Tier 3Overall Avg
Premium (S$)$208.65289.30325.21361.27326.83
Value ($Insured/Premium)1.43.981.041.021.00
Personal Accident2,0001,236.112176.472,807.691,975
3rd Party Liability7,5008,642.8614,23020,888.8914,783.33
Wage Reimbursement (annual)900804.55946.861052.08937.19
Promotion: 35% discount + additional 5% on Fridays

Best Value Maid Insurance for Liability Coverage: Great Eastern MaidGr8 Plan B

The Great Eastern MaidGr8 Plan B is a great value option if you are looking to get a high level of liability protection coverage for mid-range prices. Its price of S$331.70 (for 26 months) is close to the market average for similar plans, but its benefits are about 15% higher for both liability and medical coverage. With large amounts of liability coverage, it is a great option for those looking to maximize protection against lawsuits and theft by your maid. This is because Great Eastern provides up to S$100,000 of coverage for third party lawsuits against you or your maid as well as a S$5,000 fidelity coverage in the event that your maid commits a theft.

MaidGr8 Plan BMarket Avg Tier 1Market Avg Tier 2Market Avg Tier 3Overall Avg
Premium (S$)331.70289.30325.21361.27326.83
Value ($Insured/Premium)1.49.981.041.021.00
3rd Party Liability50,0008,642.8614,23020,888.8914,783.33
Wage Reimbursement (annual)1050804.55946.861052.08937.19

Most Comprehensive Insurance Policies for Foreign Domestic Workers

For those who are looking for the most protection and are a bit more flexible with cost, we have come up with some of the top most comprehensive policies on the market to ensure that you and your maid are protected in case of any unforeseen accident or event.

Most Comprehensive Maid Insurance: FWD Maid Insurance Exclusive

For those who want coverage for almost any event possible, FWD's Exclusive Maid Insurance policy is an optimal choice for $295.59 a month. It balances exceptional coverage for your maid and for your home with temporary help coverage, recuperation benefits for your maid's stay in the hospital, outpatient expenses, wage reimbursement, and a variety of liability coverages. Their ambulance coverage is higher than the market average, dengue fever treatment is fully covered, and you can add up to S$30,000 in additional medical coverage. Additionally, FWD offers add-ons for protection against fire, burglary and theft by your maid for S$28, daily maid allowance if she is hospitalized, and outpatient medical expenses to see a doctor. Keep in mind that this is a great option for those who have a flexible budget as these add-ons can quickly increase the price. Even though the premium is below the market average some of the add-ons can cause your premium to increase by as much as $118.

Promotion Code: BESTMAID20 for 20% discount

Most Comprehensive Medical Benefits: AXA SmartHelper Ultimate Plus Plan

For those looking for the most comprehensive medical coverage for your maid, the AXA SmartHelper Ultimate Plus plan provides extensive medical options that go above and beyond most other plans in the market. While slightly more expensive than the market average at $353.10, AXA offers above market average coverage in outpatient, personal accident, and maid replacement expenses. For those who are willing to pay extra, AXA is unique in providing add-on options like $5,000 in psychiatric coverage, up to $3,000 in dental coverage and unlimited repatriation coverage in the event of your maid's disablement or death (provided you use their medical provider). This plan is a great option for those who have long-term maids who have developed medical issues that are not covered by other plans or for those who want to maximize protection against medical costs.

Most Comprehensive Liability Protection: Insured United Plan 3A

For those who want maximum protection against potential losses from non-medical reasons like lawsuits or theft, Insured United's Domestic Maid Insurance Plan 3A is a great comprehensive option that costs $369.15 for a 26 month policy. This is around the average market price for high-end plans, but this policy provides 38% more overall coverage and 242% more liability coverage than the market average. Additional coverage comes in the form of $75,000 in third party and employer's liability coverage to protect you and your maid from outside lawsuits, a $5,000 fidelity coverage to protect your belongings from theft by your maid, and $500 of coverage for your maid's belongings. Insured United's Plan 3A also offers $20,000 in repatriation coverage to send your maid back home if she is not able to perform her duties due to illness or other reasons - higher than anything else on the market.

FWD ExclusiveInsured United Plan 3AAXA SmartHelper Ultimate +Market Avg
Value ($Insured/Premium)
Personal Accident3,0003,5003,0001,975
3rd Party Liability5,00075,0005,00014,783.33
Wage Reimbursement (annual)9001200900937.19
Maid's Personal5005000.00435.71

Cheapest Maid Insurance for Filipino and Malaysian Maids

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Etiqa's eProtect Maid or FWD's Essential Maid Insurance are the two cheapest options for those who wish to hire a maid from the Philippines or Malaysia. Hiring a Filipino maid requires paying a S$7,000 bond to the Philippines Embassy. For plans that offer coverage for this, FWD charges $244.85 and Etiqa charges $246.90 with waiver of indemnity included. Since Malaysian maids are not subject to any form of foreign or local government bonds, these prices drop to S$197.65 for FWD and S$159.97 for Etiqa. While their prices are low, you can still expect great coverage for your maid including the required health insurance and the additional benefits discussed in our review of these policies above.

  • FWD Promotion Code: BESTMAID20 for 20% discount
  • Etiqa Promotion: 35% off + additional 5% off on Fridays

How to Find the Best Maid Insurance

When choosing an insurance plan for you and your maid, it is imperative that you do proper research regarding possible out of pocket costs you can incur due to your family's lifestyle. For instance, if you are new to foreign domestic workers, consider a plan that will give you good all around protection until you know exactly what kind of insurance will suit your future needs. If you are living in a high-rise apartment building, ensure there are proper safety precautions for your maid and consider a plan that has more accident insurance to prevent high hospital bills and to give her ample medical coverage in the event of an accident. Lastly, be sure to read the fine print and policy wording before making any concrete decisions to prevent misunderstandings and understand exactly what is protected under your insurance plan.


We looked at 18 different insurance companies and analyzed 50 insurance plans to come up with the best options for cost-effectiveness, value, and inclusiveness. Going through the policy wording and terms and conditions of each insurer, we were able to map out each plan's coverage and premiums and use that information to make our decisions for the most comprehensive and best value plans. We created a score for the value of each plan by using a ratio of benefits and coverage offered divided by the premium price. In order to be as accurate as possible when creating our value metrics, we weighted different benefits based on their importance and popularity. We were then able to compare each plan to the market average and come up with plans that can be tailored for anyone's foreign domestic worker needs.

Sample of Insurers
FWDEtiqaInsured UnitedGreat Eastern
NTUC IncomeMSIGAXAHL Assurance
AIALonPacIndia International InsuranceEQ
POSBTokioMarineChina TaipingECICS
SompoLiberty Insurance

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