Best Balance Transfer Loans 2017

Credit card debt has been on the rise. According to statistics released by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, for example, credit card debt has risen to S$10.8bn by the end of 2016, a record high. If you are one of these people with piling unpaid credit card balance, you may want to consider getting a balance transfer loan from a bank. Since credit cards charge 25% interest on average, balance transfers could really help you save a lot of money by providing you with an interest rate free period so you can manage to pay down your card debt as quickly as possible. Below, we discuss the best balance transfer offerings we've found in Singapore to help you find the best option to manage your debt.

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Our Top Picks for the Best Balance Transfers in Singapore

Below is our handpicked list of the best balance transfer offers currently available in Singapore. Balance transfers usually come with a service fee and a "interest free period" during which you can pay down your unpaid credit card balance without incurring more interest expense. Therefore, you should try to find an option with the lowest fee for the appropriate duration that you can use to pay down your debt. We've organized the best balance transfers by fee and length of interest free periods.

Best 6 Months Interest Free Period Balance Transfer: Citibank Balance Transfer

If you are looking for a balance between a decent length of interest free period and a low processing fee, then Citibank's Balance Transfer product might be a good fit for you. It only charges a service fee of 1.58%, compared to 2-2.5% being charged by its competitors. With this, you get 6 months of interest-free period that you can use to pay down your credit card balance. It can be used to pay down your personal loan balance as well. Citi's credit card balance transfer also comes with a 1% monthly repayment requirement, which is the lowest in the market. However, you should remember that you will incur 26% of annual interest after your 6th month; therefore, you should really try to pay much more than the monthly repayment requirement so that you can get rid of your debt while you are not incurring a high level of interest.

Best 12 Month Interest Free Period Balance Transfers

UOB Balance Transfer

In our view, UOB's Balance Transfer product is the best one in the market, especially if you are looking for 12-month interest free period option. For people who sign up for this product online, UOB is offering a special 3.88% processing fee, compared to +4.5% being charged by other banks. You can get a credit card, or just a CashPlus balance transfer loan, which only differ in terms of their monthly minimum payment requirement. This shouldn't be too much of a factor for people who are looking for ways to pay down their debt in full as soon as possible. After the 12th month, you will begin to incur 26% of annual interest on your remaining balance, so you should be paying down this balance as much as possible every month, instead of paying just the minimum requirement.

OCBC Balance Transfer

In our view, OCBC's Balance Transfer product is also the best 12-month interest free offer in the market, but only for new OCBC customers. For people who have not banked with OCBC before, OCBC is offering a special 3.88% processing fee, much lower than +4.5% being charged by other banks. If you are not new to OCBC, however, they charge a processing fee of 4.28%, which is not the best rate you can get. Its minimum monthly repayment is 3% of total outstanding (or S$50, whichever is higher), though this shouldn't be too much of a factor since you should try to pay down your debt in full as soon as possible. If you don't, you will start to incur 26% of annual interest on your remaining balance, which can cost you a lot of money depending on how much balance you have left.

Best 3 Months Interest Free Period Balance Transfer: UOB Balance Transfer

If you have only a small amount of unpaid credit card balance that you can pay down within 3 months, then UOB's Balance Transfer is likely the best option for you. For an interest free period of 3 months, UOB's balance transfer only charges a processing fee of 1.49%, the lowest we've seen in the market. In comparison, other banks generally charge 1.58% to to 1.8% for the same length of interest free period. As we mentioned above, it is critical that you pay down all if not most of your balance within the designated interest free period. This is because your remaining balance will incur interest of 26% after your 3rd month, which can balloon into a considerable amount before you know it. Therefore, this product is ideal for small balance transfers that you can manage to repay quickly.

Summary Table of Best Balance Transfer Offers in Singapore

In case you want a quick look at our picks, here are ValuePenguin's best balance transfers for 2017.

Processing Fee by Interest Rate Free Period3-months6-months12-monthsMinimum Monthly Repayment
UOB CashPlus Balance Transfer1.49%2.5%3.88%2.5%
UOB Credit Card Balance Transfer1.49%2.5%3.88%3.0%
OCBC Balance Transfer (new customers)1.8%2.5%3.88%3.0% (or S$50, whichever is higher)
OCBC Balance Transfer (existing customers)1.8%2.5%4.5%3.0% (or S$50, whichever is higher)
Citibank Credit Card Balance Transfer1.58%1.58%5.5%1%
Citibank Ready Credit Balance Transfer1.58%1.58%5.5%3%
DBS/POSB Balance Transfer Cashline2.5%4.5%2.5%
DBS/POSB Balance Transfer Credit Card2.5%4.5%3%
Standard Chartered Funds Transfer2%5%1%
Maybank Fund Transfer1.88% if >S$10,000, 2.5% if <S$10,0002.5% + 4.99% of interest3%
HSBC Credit Cards Balance TransferS$88 waived if >S$10,000 + 2.5% of interestS$88 waived if >S$10,000 + 4.88% of interest3%
HSBC Personal Line of Credit Balance TransferS$88 waived if >S$10,000 + 3.2% of interestS$88 waived if >S$10,000 + 4.88% of interest3%

Visual Comparison of Effective Interest Rates of Balance Transfer Loans

For interested readers, below is a graphic illustration of effective interest rates of each balance transfer loan available in Singapore, organized by tenure of loans. These are calculated by assuming you only make the monthly minimum repayment requirement each month of your loan, and repaying the whole remaining balance in the last month of your interest free period.

graph of effective interest rates of best balance transfers in Singapore by each bank for a 12-month interest rate free product

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