Best Entertainment Credit Cards 2017

Singapore is a city with a vibrant night life. However, it could get quite costly to drink and party in Singapore. To help you win rewards and save money on entertainment expenses, we have selected the best entertainment credit cards in Singapore out of over 100 credit cards we have analyzed. These cards provide various levels of discounts on entertainment spend as well as perks that range from VIP access to clubs to discounts on yacht rentals. Obviously, everyone has different expectations and budgets for their leisure, and we have curated the list for unique individual needs.

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Our Picks For the Best Entertainment Credit Cards in 2017

We've compiled a list of the best entertainment credit card in Singapore. These cards we've highlighted are best-in-class for their respective categories. Read on to see which card might be the best fit for your unique needs.

Best No Fee Air Miles Card for Entertainment: HSBC Revolution Card

HSBC Revolution Card is a great credit card for earning miles on your entertainment expenditures. Typically, an average consumer in Singapore spends about S$2,000 per month, of which one third goes to dining, entertainment and shopping (online). While its flat rate award is relatively weak at 0.4 miles per S$1 spent, HSBC Revolution card grants 2 miles for every dollar spent on these three categories. It also offers a 16% discount on petrol at Caltex and Shell stations.

Though it does charge an annual fee of S$160.5, this fee is waived for the first 2 years for everyone, and subsequently waived for those who maintain an annual expenditure of just S$12,500 on the card. Net of the cost, this card should generate about S$2,000 of savings over a 2-year period according to our calculation. Given its set of high rewards on entertainment, dining and shopping combined with an easy annual fee waiver, HSBC Revolution Card is an excellent choice for young people who might be more conscious about paying annual fees but have an active shopping habit or social life.

Pros of HSBC Revolution Card

  • Annual fee of S$160.5 is waived for 2 years, and then waived in subsequent years for those who spend S$12,500 per year (S$1,042 per month)
  • 2 miles on online spend (shopping and travel bookings), dining, and entertainment
  • 16% off on petrol at Caltex & Shell
  • Up to 10% off on travel bookings online
  • Promotion: Up to S$180 cash back welcome bonus for new customers (up to S$100 for existing customers)

Cons of HSBC Revolution Card

  • Very low flat award rate of 0.4 miles per S$1 spend on everything outside of online, dining and entertainment
  • Not many other perks to speak of (i.e. lounge access, airport limousine service, etc.)

Best Golf Credit Card: Maybank World Mastercard

Maybank World Mastercard is easily the best golf credit card in Singapore. That's because it provides its principal card holders with complimentary green fees all year around at 79 world-class fairways in 15 different countries, by far the best deal available for golfers in the country. Not only that, avid golfers get to enjoy special 4Play 3Pay promotions with ferry rebate at the Els Club Malaysia. it comes with mile and cash back rewards to cover a golfer's every major expenditure area: dining, petrol and travel expenses. Though this card comes with a relatively high annual fee of S$240, it's much cheaper to use than other luxury cards that come with worse golf privileges. Furthermore, Maybank World MasterCard's benefits are more than valuable enough to offset the annual fee for people who golf at least once or twice a month.

Pros of Maybank World Mastercard

  • 2 complimentary green fees per month at 79 world-class fairways in 15 countries
  • 10X TREATS points (or 4 miles) per S$1 spent at select retail and dining establishments and all petrol stations in Singapore
  • 19.1% savings on petrol with Corporate Fuel Program (including the 4 miles per S$1 spent on petrol)
  • Up to 20% savings at select SPG Hotel and Resorts reataurants
  • Complimentary VIP Access to JetQuay at Changi Airport
  • Bonus: Complimentary Delsey Belfort 76cm 4-Wheel Trolley Case upon charging S$400 to your new card within the first month approval

Cons of Maybank World Mastercard

  • S$240 of annual fee, 1 year waiver
  • 0.4 miles (or 1 point) per S$1 spent on everything else
  • Requires S$1,000 of expenditure in the previous calendar month to qualify for complimentary golf green fees

Best Entertainment Rewards Cashback: UOB YOLO Card

Just as the name suggests, UOB YOLO Card is one of the best cards for earning entertainment rewards. YOLO stands for the popular phrase "You Only Live Once,” an epitome of carpe diem that suggests one should live every day to the fullest and have as much fun as possible. To help you do this, UOB YOLO card provides 8% rebate on entertainment and dining expenses on weekends. On weekdays, you can still earn a 3% rebate on these two categories. Not only that, UOB YOLO card also helps you save 3% on all your online fashion and travel transactions. Lastly, UOB YOLO Card is offering free Grab rides on every weekend from now until 31 Dec 2017, a potentially huge source of saving.

UOB YOLO Card also provides many nightlife perks like drink specials at the hottest bars in Singapore and priority que at the best clubs in the city. Its annual fee is on the higher spectrum of the market at S$192.6 per annum, but it is waived for the 1st year. Its motto is “Eat. Drink. Play. Repeat.” If you like to live it up and have the budget to afford the life style, we think you will like this card.

Pros of UOB YOLO Card

  • 8% cash rebate on weekend dining and entertainment (3% on weekdays) local and overseas
  • 3% cash rebate on online fashion and travel transactions
  • Free Grab rides every weekend Until 31 Dec 2017
  • VIP perks like priority que and free access at best clubs in Singapore, 1-for-1 specials at bars and movie theaters
  • Promotion: Up to S$120 of cash credit for new customers

Cons of UOB YOLO Card

  • High Annual fee of S$192.6, waived for the 1st year
  • 0.3% cash rebate on everything else
  • S$60 monthly cap on rebate

Highest Flat Rate Cashback Card: UOB One Card

Flat rate cards are always a good contender for every category. Therefore, we think UOB One Card definitely should be considered as one of the best entertainment rewards cards given its high flat rate of 5% cashback on everything. It's convenient and efficient way of saving money. To get the most out of UOB One Card, however, you should be willing to manage your expenses closely and make effort to maximize awards. As long as you spend just about S$2,000, S$1,000 or S$500 every single month consistently, you can earn up to 5% of cash rebate.

Given this, we think UOB One is suitable for people who have high visibility on their monthly expenses and can optimize their balance on the card at exactly S$2,000 a month. This would most likely include families with large recurring or fixed expenditures.

Pros of UOB One Card

  • Flat rate cashback of up to 5%, one of the highest in the market
  • Up to 24% discount on petrol at SPC and Caltex
  • Extra interest income of up to 3.33% on your UOB One Savings account
  • High monthly cap on cashback at S$100
  • Promotion: Up to S$120 of cash credit for new customers

Cons of UOB One Card

  • High monthly spending requirement of up to S2,000 to qualify for high rewards
  • Rather complicated to use to maximize rebate

Best Unlimited Cashback Card for Entertainment: Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is a flat rate card that can be used to earn entertainment rewards. While its 1.5% cashback rate is much lower than UOB One card's, Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is great because it does not have a cap on how much cashback reward you can earn. It also boasts a boost of 3% cashback on your overseas spending. It can also be used as an EZ-Link card, furthering its convenience as a everyday credit card. Now, you can keep earning cashback no matter how much money you spend and no matter where you spend your money.

Pros of Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback

  • 1.5% cashback on everything
  • No cap on cashback
  • No monthly spend requirement
  • Doubles up as an EZ-Link Card
  • 2 Year Waiver for its S$192.6 annual fee
  • Promotion: 3% cashback on all foreign currency spend (until 31 Oct 2017)
  • Promotion: Up to S$138 in cash rebate for new customers
  • Bonus: 20% discount on Uber fares globally (max S$50 per month, 10% if spending under S$600 per month)

Cons of Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback

  • 1.5% cashback on everything is lower than what you could earn on UOB One

Best Miles Card for Luxurious Perks: Citi Prestige MasterCard Credit Card

Citi Prestige MasterCard Card is a luxury credit card focused on helping you live the prestige lifestyle. However, because of its annual fee of S$535 and high income requirement of S$120,000 annually, this card is only for those who can afford it. Although Citi Prestige MasterCard Credit Card comes with a high price tag, it also provides some awesome benefits like flat rate award of 1.3 miles for every S$1 spent locally and 2 miles for every S$1 spent overseas. We especially recommend this card especially for Citigold members, because 1.3-2 miles of reward can be boosted by up to 30% for Citigold customers.

We have included this card in the Best Entertainment category because, besides the flat rate mile award, Prestige card also provides a mix of luxury entertainment benefits like access to golf courses and discounts on yacht rentals. If you have the money to spend, this is a great card for earning benefits on entertainment expenditure.

Pros of Citi Prestige Card

  • High mile award of 1.3 miles and 2 miles for every S$1 spent locally and overseas, respectively, with the ability to boost your reward miles by up to 30% with a banking account with Citi
  • Annual bonus of up to 25,000 miles
  • Various travel perks like SPG Gold Status, special benefits at Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton around the world, unlimited complimentary 4th night at any hotel and unlimited Airport Lounge VIP Access
  • Other luxury perks like access to golf courses and discounts on yachts

Cons of Citi Prestige Card

  • High annual fee of S$535 & annual income requirement of S$120,000
  • Not as good as other luxury cards unless you are a Citigold customer

Best Entertainment Card for Moderate Spenders: OCBC Frank Card

OCBC Frank Card is another awesome entertainment rewards card that is more affordable than UOB YOLO Card. With 120 unique card designs ranging from teddy bears to racing cars, it caters to a younger and more hip audience who want to express their individuality in everything they own and use. Its already super low annual fee of S$90 is waived for 2 years.

After the 2nd year, a mere S$10,000 of annual spend will waive the annual fee for you perpetually. While it provides 5% rebate on all entertainment expenses on weekends (3% on weekdays), it has an even better rebate of 6% on all eligible online spend including online shopping, travel booking and food delivery order. Given its rich benefit that come at practically no cost, we think OCBC Frank Card is a great contender for the top spot in this category.

Pros of OCBC Frank Card

  • Low annual fee of S$90, waived for 2 years and subsequently waived for annual spend of over S$10,000
  • 14% off on petrol at Caltex & Esso stations
  • 6% rebate on all eligible online spend, including online shopping, travel bookings and food delivery orders
  • 5% rebate on all entertainment expenses on weekends, 3% on weekdays

Cons of OCBC Frank card

  • Low monthly cap on rebate of S$60
  • 3% cashback on auto top-ups are limited to 2 times

Summary of Best Entertainment Rewards Credit Cards 2017

In case you want a quick look at our picks, here are ValuePenguin's best entertainment rewards credit cards for 2017.

Entertainment CardsEntertainment RewardAnnual Fee
UOB YOLO Card8%S$192.6
UOB One Card5%S$192.6
HSBC Revolution Card2 MilesS$160.5
OCBC Frank Credit Card5%S$80
Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card1.5%S$192.6
Citibank Prestige Card Mastercard1.3 MilesS$535

Best Entertainment Credit Cards by Dollar Value

To help you find the best entertainment credit card in Singapore, we have prepared a chart below organizing entertainment credit cards by their 2-year dollar value*. We have estimated an average Singaporean's monthly expenditure patterns through research to model out likely savings from credit cards. It's important to note that this estimate is an approximate value based on an estimate of the average consumer's spending habits, and may differ in actual result depending on your unique set of expenditures.

A graph displaying how the best entertainment credit cards compare to one another in terms of their rewards
Best Entertainment Credit Cards in Singapore by Estimated 2-Year Dollar Value

*ValuePenguin calculates the dollar value of rewards based on S$2,000 of monthly spending. We sum the value of points, miles and cashback in dollar terms and subtract the annual fee over a 24-month period. The estimates here are ValuePenguin's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer.

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