Best EZ-Link Reload Credit Cards 2018

When there are so many different rewards cards, it’s easy to get more than a few cards to optimize reward you get from all of your expenses. We understand that it could get quite cumbersome to carry around so many cards in your wallet or purse. If you are looking for a nice and convenient way to combine your reward credit card with your EZ-Reload card for mass transit, the selection we have featured here could help you find one that best suits your needs. Every card is a bit different, so it’s important to carefully consider what you spend your money on and choose appropriate rewards program.

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Our Picks for EZ-LINK Reload SMRT Credit Cards

Read our reviews of the best EZ-Link Reload cards in Singapore we have featured below. These cards are excellent for earning rewards on your daily commutes and public transportation usage. We have also calculated how much one could earn in rewards over two years by using these cards based on a monthly spend of S$2,000. However, remember that this is an estimate and that the best card for you depends on how you spend your money day to day.

Unlimited Cashback + EZ-Link: Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

Consider this if you want a very simple and easy-to-use cashback card

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$60,000

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a simple flat rate card to use. Not only does it offer a flat rate of 1.5% cash rebate on everything, its cash back is unlimited so you can earn as much rebate as you spend. Unlimited Cashback Card can also double up as an EZ-Link card, further simplifying the number of cards you have to carry in your wallet.


  • Annual fee: S$192.6, 2 Year Waiver for its
  • No cap on cashback or monthly spend requirement
  • Promotion: Up to S$140 in cashback for new customers (S$40 for existing customers)
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  • 1.5% cashback on everything
  • Doubles up as an EZ-Link Card
  • Bonus: 20% discount on Uber fares globally (max S$50 per month)

EZ-Link, Grocery and Petrol: Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card

Consider this if saving on daily SMRT rides is your priority

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$42,000

Citibank SMRT Visa Card is an excellent choice if you commute on SMRT or bus daily. This card conveniently doubles up as a cashback reward card and an EZ-Link Card, while still offering some of the best rebate rates in Singapore. For instance, it provides 7% rebate on groceries, 15% on coffee, 14% on petrol, and another 2% on EZ-Reloads auto top-ups.

While it lags behind competition in other areas like petrol, Citi SMRT presents an excellent set of offerings ideal for people on a modest budget. If you spend most of your money on groceries, commuting and occasional luxury of morning or afternoon caffeine intake, this could be a great card for you.


  • Annual fee: S$160.5, waived for 2 years
  • Promotion: S$120 welcome cash rebate
  • Rebates: up to 7% on groceries, up to 15% rebate on coffee, 2% on EZ-Reload Auto Top-Ups
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EZ-Link MRT Card for Indulgence: OCBC Frank

Consider this if you want savings on online shopping and entertainment expenses without paying an annual fee

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$45,000

While it lags behind the other two in terms of savings on EZ Reload Auto Top-Ups, OCBC Frank Card is still worth a consideration as a cashback credit card. It can function as an EZ-Reload card just like POSB Everyday or Citi SMRT cards, but OCBC Frank card only provides 3% cashback for 2 auto top-ups and does not waive the processing fee. However, it's still an awesome cashback card that can help save money. You can pick from one of its 120 unique card designs to suit your personality and taste.

OCBC Frank Card's super low annual fee of S$90 is waived for 2 years, and can be waived subsequently for a low spending requirements of S$10,000 per year. Not only that, OCBC Frank card packs in a lot of punch with a great set of rebates on entertainment (5%), shopping (6%) and petorl (14%). Therefore, OCBC Frank Card is an ideal card for anyone looking to squeeze as much fun as they can out of their dollars.


  • Annual fee: S$80, waived for 2 years and subsequently waived for annual spend of over S$10,000
  • 5% rebate on all entertainment expenses on weekends, 3% on weekdays
  • 14% off on petrol at Caltex & Esso stations
  • 6% rebate on all eligible online spend, including online shopping, travel bookings and food delivery orders (Requires S$400 of offline spend)
  • 3% cashback on EZ-Link auto top-ups, limited to 2 times
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EZ-Link MRT Card with Versatile Rebate Program: POSB Everyday Card

Consider this if you have a family to take care of

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$45,000

POSB Everyday Card is a decent cash back card whose rewards program covers various parts of our daily life. It is also one of the few cashback cards in Singapore that can double up as a SMRT EZ-Reload card. In terms of its main benefits, it can save you money on petrol (20%), groceries (5%), health & beauty (3%), medical expense (3%) and monthly recurring bills (1%). This particular mix of cash rebates make it perfect for moms who need to take care of their families. Also, if you are already a POSB banking customer, POSB Everyday card can function as an ATM card. POSB waives the 1st year annual fee of S$192.6.


  • Annual fee: S$192.6, waived for 1 year
  • Up to 20.1% discount on petrol at SPC
  • Promotion: 5% rebate on all overseas spend (S$1,000 overseas spend in a month to qualify)
  • Rebates: 5% on groceries, 3% on health, beauty and medical expenses, 1% rebate on monthly telco, SP services, cable and broadband bill
  • EZ-Link Auto Top-Up
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Best Online Shopping Cashback Card: DBS Live Fresh Card

Consider this if you a specialised cashback card for online shopping

Annual Income Requirement S$30,000
Foreigner Income Requirement S$45,000

E-commerce has been dominating the global tech scene for quite few years. With DBS Live Fresh Card, you can now ride the e-commerce wave even more. In our opinion, DBS Live Fresh Card is the best credit card in Singapore for online shoppers. Not only does this card reward 5% of cashback on all transactions made online or via Visa PayWave, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Android Pay, it also doubles this to 10% for first 6 months of account opening. As long as you spend at least S$600 per month on the card, DBS Live Fresh Card can help save up to S$60/month on your online transactions. The fact that this card is automatically enrolled into EZ-Reload means it can be a great option for millennials.

Although this card requires S$600 of monthly spend to be eligible for these benefits, we think this shouldn't be a too big of a problem due to the fact that it can be used on a diverse set of expenditure areas. Its annual fee is also relatively low around S$128.4 and is also waived for 1 year.


  • Annual fee: S$128.4, waived for 1 year
  • 5% additional rebate on online & mobile payments for 6 months (valid for accounts opened by 31 March 2018)
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  • 5% cashback on online transactions and mobile payments
  • Automatic enrollment for EZ-Reload

Summary of the Best EZ-Link Credit Cards

Please see our table below for a quick understanding of these credit cards' main features.

EZ Link Credit CardEZ-Link RebateAnnual Fee
Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card1.5%S$192.6
POSB Everyday Card0.2%S$192.6
Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card2%S$160.5

Best EZ-Link Credit Cards by Dollar Value

To help you find the best EZ-Link credit card in Singapore, we have prepared a chart below organizing EZ-Link credit cards by their 2-year dollar value*. We have estimated an average Singaporean's monthly expenditure patterns through research to model out likely savings from credit cards. Note that this estimate is an approximate value based on an estimate of the average consumer's spending habits, and may differ in actual result depending on your unique set of expenditures.

A graph displaying how best EZ-Link credit cards compare to one another in terms of their rewards
Best EZ-Link Credit Cards in Singapore by Estimated 2-Year Dollar Value

*ValuePenguin calculates the dollar value of rewards based on S$2,000 of monthly spending. We sum the value of points, miles and cashback in dollar terms and subtract the annual fee over a 24-month period. The estimates here are ValuePenguin's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the credit card issuer.

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